What is Link Building. How to Do?

What is PageRank and Link Building?

Google explain PageRank as relying on “the uniquely democratic nature of the web by using its vast link structure as an indicator of an individual page’s value. In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B”. Link building is all about promoting your website with other webmasters in a way that they decide or agree to link to your site from theirs.

Why do you undertake Link Building?

As the quantity and quality of your links increase, so will your PageRank and search engine rankings. Quantity is simply the absolute number of inbound links your site has. Link quality is a combination of the anchor text used in the link and the trust placed by Google and other search engines on the site (and page) linking to you. This “TrustRank” is a combination of the age of the link, the age of the site linking and the PageRank of the page that the link is on.

How do you approach Off-Page Optimisation & Link Building?

We have a vast database of possible link partners, directory sites and social networking resources at SEO Expert Services. Through experience, we have built up a good understanding of which sites carry the greatest TrustRank. We undertake link-building activities for you. This is always ethical; we seek sites that are happy to promote your business and, crucially, find your content relevant to their users. They would have linked to you in time; naturally – we are just helping to speed up that natural process. Such links are the best for you and the ones favoured by search engines.

  • One-way Link Building
    – in addition to our work in our search engine & directory submission product, we also help identify suitable sites on which you can promote or syndicate your content. We have pre-built and very positive relationships with several e-zines and article repositories.
  • Reciprocal Link Exchange – we help clients sign-up for ethical link exchange services. Such services are like “dating agencies” for the webmasters of sites with related content (who then cross-promote each other’s content). We advise on etiquette or undertake all this for you.
  • Link Baiting – as an extension to our Online PR & Social Networking Optimisation product, we help you to find newsworthy angles on your content, with which to bait “buzz” on social networks and significant media & news channels. The Web 2.0 equivalent of link building!

Where do you use the PageRank & Link Building Product?

The PageRank & Link Building product is a core component of all our SEO services. The only variable is the number of links we will build for you; in the SEO Organic Gold service, for example, we will typically build up four times as many links as we would in the SEO Organic Bronze service.

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