Learn About Local Search Optimisation (Local SEO)

What is Local Search Optimisation?

To us, local search optimisation includes two key components; firstly, ranking better on the local search instance of the major Search Engines (e.g. Google.co.uk) and secondly, ranking better on the local map-based services launched by the major Search Engines in recent years (e.g. Google Maps).

Why do you undertake Local Search Optimisation?

Research has shown that 3.5 times as many searchers in the UK use google.co.uk than google.com, and, of these, 35-45% regularly check the “pages from the UK” radio button to narrow their search. Other countries experience similar results. Ranking near the top of these narrowed results is thus a pretty important mission for the online business. Local mapping services are also becoming increasingly important and well-used, particularly in the United States.

How do you approach Local Search Optimisation?

Local Search Optimisation requires a broader range of technical skills than you could imagine and is perhaps the most challenging area in Search! At SEO Expert Services, we help you optimise your country of hosting, domain TLD, geo-locational meta-data, language tags, address tags and inbound links. We may even persuade you to move your registered office or branch to a virtual office provider! We leave no stone unturned in seeing you reach the top of your localised results.

  • Verification Services – we work with you to ensure that Search Engines recognise your country and region of origin, bringing to bear various proven techniques. Where a migration of web host, TLD or business address is necessary, we can help you achieve this with less pain.
  • Geo-locational Optimisation – we help you optimise the various site tags necessary to further validate your precise location, including geo-locational meta-data, language tags and address tags.
  • Local Search Optimisation – we help you obtain inbound links from key sites and directories in your region, drawing on our extensive database of resources. We qualify links with local search terms to improve your local search position further.

Where do you use the Local Search Optimisation Product?

Generally speaking, the Local Search Optimisation product is more relevant to smaller businesses with a local sphere of operation. As such, we generally (but not always) only offer the product within our Silver & Bronze SEO Services.

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